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Claimsale Information

Claimsales are held regularly at RetroGamingZone!

A claimsale is when multiple items are listed for sale at a certain time on the RetroGamingZone Instagram page.

If you see an item you want during a claimsale, simply type “claim”, as well as the name of the particular game you want.  For instance, if a picture of Super Mario World is posted, all you need to do is comment “Claim Super Mario World” and you have successfully “claimed” the game!

See an item that you want, but it is already claimed?  No worries!  Simply comment “backup claim” or “BU” along with the game name (as shown in example), and if for whatever reason the first person who claimed the game backs out, you then get dibbs on the item.

Claimsales are a fun and unique way to expand you Retro Video game collection.  You may not successfully claim each item that you want in time, as it can sometimes gets competitive, but its a fun way to get some new games while interacting with the amazing Instagram community of retro video game enthusiasts!  You never know what may catch your eye in a claimsale!

The comment section of a claimsale post. Whoever claims the game first gets dibbs. If an item is already claimed you can "Backup claim" it ("BU") to be next in line for purchase.

typical comments on a claimsale post

Claimsales are typically announced on the RetroGamingZone page as well as story a few days before the event.  This gives everyone ample time to prepare for and take notice of when the sale will be.  Don’t forget to turn on those post notifications for easy access to the claimsale posts!

After the claimsale, you will get a Direct Message from RetroGamingZone.  This message will include the total with shipping for the items you have claimed, as well as details on how to submit payment.

Shipping starts at $5 for the first game claimed, and an additional $1.25 is added for each game claimed after the first.  Sometimes, heavy or larger items such as video game consoles are sold as “shipped”.  For example, a Playstation 2 system bundle might be listed for $85 “shipped”, meaning no additional shipping cost is required.  If any additional shipping is required for a certain item, it is noted in the post caption.

Payment can be made either by Paypal Friends and Family Option, Goods and Services (an updated total will be sent to cover the fee), or via Venmo.

Once the order is paid for, It is packaged up securely and shipped between 48-72 hours later.  Tracking numbers are sent directly back to the buyer via direct message so that all package information can be easily accessed.

That just about sums up a claimsale! Questions?  Feel free to reach out to RetroGamingZone on Instagram!

An example of a claimsale post. 4 games are shown and each has a price.

a typical claimsale post