Gamecube or Bust!

Gamecube or Bust!

Queens, NYC. 10:30 AM Tuesday, November 7th 2017, About to go retro game hunting!

Luckily for me, I was off this past Tuesday for election day.  Naturally my first thought wasn’t what time or who I was going to vote for.  Instead, it was more along the lines of “hey – I have a whole day off from work to hunt for some retro games. Sweet!”.  I decided I would get up early, drop the wife off at work, go and vote, and then be off along my way to do some hunting.

My buddy Sebastian was also off from work, so I messaged him and we linked up.  In total we would be making 3 stops, and we were hopeful that they all would not be busts.

Stop 1: Salvation Army

Since we were only a few blocks away from the Salvation Army, we figured we would quickly run in and see if there were any new games.  Lately, this place has been dry, so we were not expecting anything.  However, we were only a few blocks away, so even though this was not a place on our original list, why not just make a quick pit stop?

We walked in, spoke with the staff, and checked out the game section.  As we expected, there was nothing new so we hurried back to the car to get on our way to stop number 2!

Stop 2: MyUnique

The next stop was a thrift store called My Unique in Brooklyn. We took about a 20 minute drive, and found parking surprisingly easy in what is usually a hard neighborhood to find a spot in.  We went in, and this place was beyond crowded!  They had a few things here and there (see pictures), but everything was too highly priced.  However, we then found out that they were having a sale, and everything was 50% off the labeled sticker price.  This was cool, but sadly this only got the prices down from astronomically high to about regular retain price, which I still was not going to pay.  In the end, however, I did find a nice Gamecube bundle with all wires and 3 controllers for about $25 after discounts.  I thought that was a fair price for this Gamecube bundle, so I snatched it up.  I also got a couple of random PS1 games that Sebastian and Scott (who we happened to run into there) found, plus a clean PS1 controller that I found earlier.

Gamecube bundle

Stop 3: Craigslist Meetup

After My Unique, I figured I would take a drive to long island to pick up a few Sega Genesis games that I found on Craigslist. The seller wanted $20 for the bundle, but since I had to take a long drive I convinced him to let them go for $15 as to offset some of the gas burned to get them from him.  There were some pretty good titles here, so I figured that this was more than fair for this bundle.

All in all, I was happy with what I had gotten on this day. I only spent about the price of one current generation game, and got a whole bunch of games, a Gamecube console with all wires, and extra controllers also!  As usual, some of this stuff is available at the retro shop here if you are interested.  Check back soon to see where the next hunting adventure takes me!!  Be sure to follow me on instagram as well!

About The Author

When I was small, I had a SNES and a Sega Genesis. When I started playing my SNES again a few years back, I realized that my family had misplaced my Genesis when moving to a new house, and I decided that I needed to get another Genesis. Since then, my collection has grown to over 20 consoles and a countless number of games!


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