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A Brooklyn Well has Run Dry

A Well has Run Dry in Brooklyn

A Brooklyn Well has Run Dry

[wbc_heading title=”Or at least for now..”]

Over the course of the past two months, Scott and myself had been getting very lucky in Brooklyn.  As it would turn out, someone who we had purchased games from in the past gave us direct access to his collection of games that he had when his kids were small.  This though, was not your average collection.  This guy had a multitude of stuff. We were each lucky enough to score a variety of PS2, Ps1, some NES and SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, and even a couple of more common sega cd games through the three or four trips we made to meet this guy in Brooklyn.  I ended up scoring an ice blue N64 console the second to last time we met him there, and not to mention many of the N64 games in the shop.

Each time we would meet him at his Brooklyn house, he would have a new pile of games or consoles for us to go through.  Although his console prices were a little high, the game prices were well below retail.  It was great!

However, good deals truly don’t last forever, and as of the last time we met this guy, he let us know that he was going to be busy, and that he would not be available for a few months.  Not to mention, he said that we was going to be increasing the price of each game, and that there would not be anymore bundle deals.  Bummer! That was not cool, because this guy lives pretty deep in Brooklyn, and it took about an hour to get there and back each way. I guess Scotty and I blew our cover. This guy must have read the excitement on our faces each time we left him carrying our newly used piles of games.

However, he did say that we are welcome back in a couple of months, he just needs to get his home renovation done before the Spring comes.  In fact, he apparently only found these games as a result of cleaning out his basement.  He did also tell us that he may have some more stuff to be discovered, but I guess we will have to wait and see what the future holds. Fingers crossed!  Hopefully he does not stick to his plan of raising prices, either! Be sure to check back in a few months…Brooklyn, here we come!